Affordable Hotel Website Design: Just $99/month

All Inclusive. It's really as simple as that.

Free Domain Registration

Free Domain Registration

If you don't already have a domain name for your hotel, Hotelliant will register the domain name for your hotel website for free.

By having targeted domain name, such as "," you can drive more traffic to your hotel's website and ultimately drive more online bookings to your direct channel.

Oh, and when we do register for your domain name, we list you as the rightful owner, so no matter what happens between us, you get to keep the name.

Super Fast, Unlimited Hosting

Don't be a fool! Not all hosting plans are created equal. Did you know that Google takes page-load time as one of its algorithms in search rankings?

Your subscription with Hotelliant gets you an unlimited hosting plan that is super fast, without any bandwidth throttling or limitations. With Hotelliant, you can create as many landing pages as you wish or upload as many photos as you want.

Remember, it's unlimited with Hotelliant.

Fast Unlimited Hotel Website Hosting
Hotel website updates

Frequent Hotel Website Updates For Free

Unlike other hotel website design services, where your hotel website can look outdated in a couple years, your subscription with Hotelliant means never being stuck with old look & technology.

We've already run dozens of updates for our hotels. In fact, most of features you see on Hotelliant today are direct results of us continuously updating our platform.

So keep your hotel website fresh and sign up with Hotelliant.

Great Customer Support Without The Fees

When you contact us for support, we promise a couple of things above all else.

1) You will speak with a hotel professional, not a programmer, who has been in the business of hotel operations and understand the needs of hotels.

2) Hotelliant will NEVER charge you pesky "support fees" to make some minor changes.

Customer Satisfaction